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Basket Case trilogy released in July


"Frank Henenlotter's cult classic is 'a brain-melting rubbery wonderment of bizarro low-budget horror comedy," notes Crave Online. For those still playing catch up Bounty Films is bringing out the director's notorious trilogy on DVD. That means Basket Case, Basket Case 2 and Basket Case 3: The Progeny will all be out July 22.

Inspired by Tod Browning's legendary Freaks and heavily influenced by Herschel Gordon Lewis, Basket Case quickly found its place among horror fans and cultists back in 1982. Spooky young Duane Bradley arrives in the big city, with a basket under his arm. Confined in that basket is a hideous mutation, which we soon learn is Duane's siamese brother Belial. Angered over being separated at birth from his sibling, Belial, a lump with eyes and a claw, intends to wreak vengeance on the doctors who performed the operation.

The second film ventures into a secret society of ultra-mutated freaks who take care of Belial. Duane and Belial are now a media target after surviving a fall from a hospital window. Rescued by their aunt Granny Ruth (jazz singer Annie Ross) who spirits the duo away to her mansion retreat where other freaks reside in privacy content to live out their days away from the public spotlight. Things get complicated soon after when a tabloid reporter finds the mutants, Belial falls in love and is set to become a father and mutually distrust enters into the brother's relationship

In Basket Case 3: The Progeny, which comes with the tagline "It's time to get a bigger basket" Belial is about to have a baby. The birth scene is one for the ages. That's if gory, disgusting sequences drenched in blood and amniotic fluid ring your bell.

"Henenlotter's consistent blurring of the line between horror and comedy is one of the more perverse side effects of his warped sensibility," writes Bud Wilkins in Slant Magazine.

Urban Cinefile calls it a "no-budget horror-comedy [that] remains a certified gutter trash classic 20 years after the fact."