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Riotous slapstick comedy Awful Nice coming soon


Todd Sklar's Awful Nice is coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD. Feature Films will be releasing the madcap comedy of errors June 17.

Popular college professor Jim must track down his estranged and deadbeat brother Dave to inform him of their father's recent passing. At the funeral they learn they have each inherited one half of the family's vacation home in Branson, Missouri. Both, however, need money so they decide to sell the lake house. But in order to do so first they'll need to travel down to Branson and fix it up. Can they fix up their relationship?

Upon arrival they realise the lake house is in bad disrepair and the renovations required are proving difficult especially when the brothers are often drunk on tropical alcoholic beverages and reigniting their long dormant sibling rivalry. Soon everything that can go wrong does go wrong as a series of hilarious mishaps with local cops, friendly prostitutes and the Russian mob keep their house - and their relationship - in total upheaval.

Starring James Pumphrey, Brett Gelman, Alex Rennie and Christopher Meloni, Awful Nice is a riotous comedy with fine performances, spectacular slapstick comedy and some biting observations about family. It was a hit at SXSW where it premiered.

"Even when bits go thud, there's a brittle, unsentimental wit about kin's inexplicable tug that's hard to ignore," raves Robert Abele of the Los Angeles Times, "and the leads - game for some surprisingly sublime bits of physical comedy - eventually wear one's anti-charm defenses down."

Writing in Variety Peter Debruge observes, "Awful Nice carves out all the touchy-feely stuff that makes Judd Apatow movies run two reels too long in favor of a jump-cut style that eliminates the fat and keeps the jokes coming."