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Hungry for horror? Eat will satiate the goriest of appetites


Eat written and directed by Jimmy Weber marks one of several key horror offerings this month. Alongside Honeymoon, Eat, which is released April 22 will be the second major horror title made available on both Blu-ray and DVD by Monster Pictures.

Novella McClure is a struggling actress. Her fake name now sounds dated and she hasn't landed any substantial work for three years. She's behind in the rent and as of lately she's developed a disturbing new habit. Recent stress caused her to eat the skin off her toes causing her to limp badly. Having collapsed she is put on 24 hour suicide watch until someone agrees to monitor her. That person is Novella's close friend Candice. Unfortunately Candice is an unstable personality who carries a gun at all times. One night when Candice should be supervising Novella the pair go out to a night club and agree to let two men buy them drinks. Only the drinks are laced with drugs. When the men attempt to rape the women in a car park Candice shoots them dead. So begins a nightmare for Novella in which her only salvation might come in the form of a psychiatrist.

Weber previously directed the acclaimed Fantastic Fest short Incubator. Eat features Meggie Maddock and Dakota Pike in the lead roles.

"Eat is anything but a simple examination of woman's darker, stranger side," observes Nav Qateel in Influx magazine, "and it's one of those daring movies that's not afraid to venture outside the proverbial box."