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Lost Soul retraces the film shoot from hell


Lost Soul, a new documentary from Monster Pictures, charts the brief rise and fall of the once promising genre filmmaker Richard Stanley. Stanley who had come off the independent post-apocalyptic sci-fi hit Hardware was hired by New Line Cinema to direct the remake of The Island of Dr. Moreau. A career on the upswing in Hollywood beckoned. So did reclusive star Marlon Brando who had come out of retirement to play the titular character.

Isolated on location off the coast of North Queensland Stanley watched the production promptly spiral out of control. Brando's tyrannical demands and ludicrous behaviour derailed the production. Val Kilmer, cast as the protagonist, a role originally intended for Bruce Willis, became an impossible ego on set and soon ignored his director. The producers and crew abandoned Stanley just as the shooting schedule fell three weeks behind and the budget ballooned out. Stanley was subsequently fired and left to walk the outback to find his sanity and a way back home.

Lost Soul investigates the hellacious period Stanley spent working on The Island of Dr. Moreau before he was replaced by John Frankenheimer and features many of the cast and crew who worked on the film including Rob Morrow, Fairuza Balk, Edward R. Pressman among others. Lost Soul is directed by David Gregory and premiered at London FrightFest. It will be released on DVD May 20.