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Widescreen classic Violent Saturday coming to Blu-ray


Bounty Films will be releasing the 1955 Victor Mature crime epic Violent Saturday on Blu-ray. Originally produced by 20th Century Fox and shot in Cinemascope Violent Saturday will out June 17.

Also starring Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Stephen McNally, Richard Egan, Margaret Hayes and Sylvia Sidney, Violent Saturday is set in an Arizona copper mine town inhabited by crooks, snobs, alcoholics, peeping toms, womanisers, adulterers, the marginal and the disaffected. Three criminals arrive in Brandenville and begin casing out the bank which they plan to hold up. But as they gather information for the heist the intertwined lives of many of the locals threatens to jeopardise the scheme.

The action takes place across 36 hour period, the plot, scripted by Sydney Boehm (The Big Heat) sprawls into a tangled web in which little separates the innocent from the criminals. Behind the shiny surfaces of postwar America lingers the greed, dissatisfaction and sufferance of rapid economic prosperity.

Directed by Richard Fleischer (The Narrow Margin, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and shot in Cinemascope this technicolor noir, Violent Saturday is "a little masterpiece that reflects the tensions beneath the conformity of the Eisenhower years", writes Philip French in The Guardian.