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Texas crime thriller Bad Turn Worse out in May


Bad Turn Worse, the exciting neo-noir from sibling directors Zeke and Simon Hawkins, will arrive on Blu-ray courtesy of Accent Film Entertainment. The film which stars up and comers Mackenzie Davis, Logan Huffman and Jeremy Allen White is out May 20.

Sue can't wait to get out of the deadend cotton mill town she's called home her whole life in South Texas. She's taking her passion for detective paperback fiction off to college where she'll be joined by close friend the wide-eyed Bobby. He has a crush on Sue but is unable to act upon it. That's because Bobby's best friend is BJ, Sue's boyfriend. Only BJ isn't going anywhere and he knows it.

He has no college prospects. He'll be left behind. So when BJ steals $20,000 from his dimwitted boss Griff to bankroll one last night out together with his friends, a poor Mexican employee is scapegoated and Bobby, looking to protect BJ, takes the blame.
This only heightens the situation as Griff is soon demanding the trio heist the money that a gangster Big Red launders through Griff's business.

Winner of the AFI Fest Audience Award, Bad Turn Worse is scripted by Dutch Southern and inspired by the badlands crime fiction of the legendary Oklahoma raised Jim Thompson (Killer Inside Me, The Grifters).

"[A] terrific film, precisely because it takes the components of a traditional thriller, approaches them from a less-frequently explored perspective, makes them feel relatable and then elevates them with the right amount of style," raved The Playlist. Stephen Holden in the New York Times noted, "A juicy neo-noir like Bad Turn Worse doesn't have to make total sense to grab you. All it has to do is spit like a snake enough times to show that it means business."