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Wiseman's National Gallery out in April


One of the world's truly great documentary filmmakers will finally see a home entertainment release in Australia. For 40 years Frederick Wiseman has wowed critics and blown away film festival audiences with his insightful, often detached and ambitious non-fiction films. The latest National Gallery, goes into one of the great museums of the world the National Gallery in London, to provide a panoramic study of its history, institutional status, employees and works of art. Vendetta releases it April 22.

The National Gallery in London is one of the great museums of the world with 2400 paintings from the 13th to the end of the 19th century. Almost every human experience is represented in one or the other of the paintings. Just recently the Oscar nominated Mr Turner, a biopic about legendary maritime painter JM Turner, famously recreates a sequence in the National Gallery.

Wiseman in sequences shows the public in various galleries; the education programs, and the scholars, scientists and curators, studying, restoring and planning the exhibitions. The cumulative effect is to demonstrate the relation between painting and storytelling.

"Like most of Mr. Wiseman's work, the movie is at once specific and general," notes Manohla Dargis in the New York Times, "fascinating in its pinpoint detail and transporting in its cosmic reach."

Writing for the Village Voice critic Nick Schager observes, "Like so much of his celebrated work, documentarian Frederick Wiseman's National Gallery is long, leisurely paced, wide-ranging, meticulously crafted, intellectually intricate, and touched with profundity."

Oliver Lyttleton in the Playlist raves, "Wiseman's film is the most nourishing example of cinematic brain food you'll have all year."