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Accenting February with WW1 epic and haunting indie


On March 18 Accent Film releases the WW1 epic The Silent Mountain and the haunting Midnight Swim. Directed by Ernst Gossner and starring William Moseley, Eugenia Costantini and Claudia Cardinale, The Silent Mountain takes place in the spectacular Dolomiti Mountains. The outbreak of WW1 thrusts a young couple and their friends and family headlong into the exploding conflict. When Italy, where 17 year old Francesca hails, declares war on Austria the homeland of her boyfriend Andreas, the borders soon become divides as neighbours turn into enemies and the once inseparable lovers are forced apart just as Andreas is drafted into the army.Soon the mountainous terrain occasions one of the least likely and unconventional theaters of war. The mountain is rigged to blow and hearts are bound to be broken. The Silent Mountain will be available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Midnight Swim, a mystery-thriller from the talented filmmaker Sarah Adina Smith, features Lindsay Burdge, Jennifer Lafleur and Aleksa Palladino. When their mother goes missing in Spirit Lake, three half-sisters travel home to settle her affairs. The youngest sister, June, a documentary filmmaker, captures their bittersweet homecoming. But when the sisters jokingly summon a local ghost, their relationship begins to unravel and they find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into the true mystery of the lake.

"In addition to eliciting solid performances from her cast, Smith has assembled a thoroughly professional film on a small budget. Slick cinematography by Shaheen Seth is a cut above the found-footage norm and the eerie sound design by composer Ellen Reid (credited with "soundscape") plays with overlapping dialogue, ambient noise, discordant tones and, of course, several kinds of water to admirably disquieting effect," notes Variety.