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Monster Pictures open 2015 with Dark Tourist and Among Friends


Monster Pictures kicks off 2015 with a pair of Blu-ray releases ripe for fans of all things cult. Dark Tourist starring Michael Cudlitz (Walking Dead, Soutland) and Melanie Griffith and helmed by Suri Krishnamma, is a noirish and lurid journey inside the mind of security guard Jim Tahana. Jim has a strange hobby that involves grief tourism. He travels with the intent on visiting places of tragedy and disaster. His latest vacation takes him to the outskirts of New Orleans, to the backwater home of notorious serial killer Carl Marznap. Brimming with creepy atmosphere, laconic performances and grubby details Dark Tourist peaks when Jim's rancid sexual impulses and weakening grip on reality deteriorate, and his fascination with Marzap takes a shocking and violent detour that ultimately unlocks an unspeakable secret festering within him.

Meanwhile, Among Friends, set against an 80's backdrop, sees a group of friends get together for a murder mystery dinner party, but as the drugs kick in and the torture begins, it becomes clear that one of them has decided to take the fun and games to a whole new level.

From horror factory Lions Gate, Among Friends is actress Danielle Harris' debut behind the camera. A popular performer with horror fans having risen to fame as Michael Myer's mute niece in Halloween 4 before going onto appear in Last Boy Scout and Hatchet 3.

Dark Tourist and Among Friends are out January 14.