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Zulu produces comeback roles for its high profile leads


The crime thriller Zulu, adapted from Carly Ferey's acclaimed novel, is debuting on Blu-ray in Australia and New Zealand. Directed by Jerome Salle and starring Orlando Bloom and Oscar winner Forest Whitaker in challenging turns as homicide detectives investigating a lethal drug flooding the streets, Zulu will be available January 7, 2015.

Ali Neuman survived the violence that rocked Apartheid era South Africa when he was a child to become head of the homicide branch of the Cape Town police department. His partner is an affable white officer, whose family helped create the country's racial segregation policy. When the bodies of two women are discovered, the two detectives learn of a new, deadly drug is in abundance that threatens to decimate the Rainbow Nation. Together the cops must overcome their pasts and differences in order to put a stop to the scourge.

Think Training Day set against the shanty towns and sprawling poor areas of South Africa, with nods to Lethal Weapon and City of God, Zulu is an explosive, adrenhalised look at the highly politicised and modern minefield of South Africa its victims, heroes and those somewhere in the middle striving to ensure a brighter future free from the violent past. Zulu was chosen to close the 66th Cannes Film Festival.

Zulu features spectacular locations, the Table Mountain back drop and hot actresses Tanya van Grann and Natasha Loring. It will also be available on DVD.