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White Reindeer holds back the yuletide


Announced for end of year release, White Reindeer, an original comedy from writer-director Zach Clark, deals with loss, separation and wayward Christmas spirit with comic precision. The acclaimed American independent comedy which stars Anna Margaret Hollyman in a tour-de-force performance as Suzanne a recent widow whose contrite bourgeois future is dashed when her recently promoted TV weatherman hubby is murdered during a home invasion, is available on Blu-ray and DVD December 10.

A new spin on being stuck at home for the holidays, White Reindeer is at once a spotlight on the transparency of ritualised group behaviour and an erudite exposition on how modern life ill prepares the mindless consumer for grief and separation.

Suddenly single and with nowhere and nothing to celebrate Suzanne wanders through the familiar sights and sounds of Christmas like a soul in purgatory. Now in emotional disarray she cottons on to an affair her husband had earlier in the year and decides to track down the woman in question who turns out to be a stripper. Things are just beginning to get wild and director Zach Clark with ribald humour escalates the events involved in Suzanne's suburban awakening like no one else can in this always unpredictable end-of-year comedy.

Named Best Feature at the Boston Underground Film Festival and recipient of the Audience Award at the Cork International Film Festival, White Reindeer according to Guy Lodge writing in Variety, is a "complex, compassionate film," that "finds both wicked humor and, less expectedly transcendent hope in America's gaudy fixation with Christmas spirit."

For IndieWire Eric Kohn notes "White Reindeer eagerly pokes the mythology surrounding the holiday season narrative to find something hauntingly beautiful lurking beneath it."