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Catherine Keener helps promote War Story release


Academy Award nominee Catherine Keener the star of the forthcoming War Story (released on Blu-ray and DVD) has supported the release with publicity interviews with select Australian media. The acclaimed actress and star of Where the Wild Things Are, The 40 Year Old Virgin and Captain Phillips has taken time out from a busy schedule to talk with radio, print and online media to discuss her challenging role as traumatised photo-journalist Lee in Mark Jackson's War Story.

Speaking with Simon Foster of Screen Space Keener offers some insights into researching a role which requires portraying someone with PTSD. "I was fortunate enough to hang out with journalists, one very generous and respected one in particular. I became a bit of a groupie at the LA Times in their photojournalism department, especially with the war photographers. From doing that, I just became more and more aware of the impact of PTSD on correspondents who cover violence."

She adds, "We are only just starting to crack open what that does to these people, that they are not just objective observers in the middle of it all."

Scott Foundas writing for Variety hailed Keener's performance. "Anchored by Keener's understated, psychologically acute performance, director Mark Jackson's spare, quietly powerful sophomore feature demonstrates an impressive control of mood and tone and the ability to tell a story largely without words."

Keener who has twice been nominated for Best Supporting Actress Oscars for Being John Malkovich and Capote also spoke with Radio 2UE, Filmink and online culture magazine Junkee.

War Story is out through Accent Film Entertainment October 22.