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War Story garnering critical acclaim


Writer-director Mark Jackson returns with an impressive sophomore effort War Story. An intense character study which elicits a career performance from star Catherine Keener, the film will be available across both DVD and Blu-ray formats. War Story
streets October 22 from Accent Film Entertainment.

A follow up to his eerie woman-in-isolation debut Without, War Story continues the scrutinising portraiture. At its center is Lee (Keener) a photographer recently released by captors while documenting refugees in war torn Libya.

Slowly it materialises that Lee is suffering the loss of her lover and mentor and has chosen his home village to seek refuge. Holed up in a hotel room, she barricades herself absorbed in darkness and painkillers. She bears the scars of torture, both psychological and physical. One day out on a walk about the village she spots a pregnant Tunisian immigrant she is convinced she photographed in Libya. Her world is about to change.

Nominated for the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, War Story continues writer-director Jackson's incredible form since his acclaimed debut Without. Todd McCarthy of the Hollywood Reporter agrees.

"Fronted by an outstanding performance from Catherine Keener, who is onscreen, often by herself," he writes, "at almost every moment, this challenging but not difficult second feature from Mark Jackson parcels out its information in gradual increments, forcing the viewer to infer rather simply receive most narrative information."

Catherine Keener will participate in interviews with Australian media as part of the publicity campaign for War Story.