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WolfCop to get November release through Accent


WolfCop, the Canadian '80s cult film for the new millenium, is set for release on Blu-ray and DVD. Accent Film Entertainment will make the film, which follows alcoholic Deputy Lou Garou undergo a grizzly and unlikely transformation, available this November.

The plot revolves around the aforementioned policeman who works in a corrupt small town run by drug dealers. Lou, a borderline alcoholic, spends most shifts at the local police station soused.
He casually neglects his duties as an officer of the law until one fateful evening, after hitting the bottle hard, he ends up out in the woods on a routine assignment but before long he is the unwilling participant of an occultism ritual. Soon to his chagrined surprise on a full moon Lou transforms into a werewolf and finds with it a deadly new self-confidence. Here comes the fuzz.

Now imparted with heightened senses Garou takes to fighting crime with a vengeance, sniffing out the scent left behind at murder scenes, bullying bad guys and taking back the town as well as the night such is the animal magnetism he has over the ladies.

Featuring spectacular retro fx, hilarious one-liners and over the top violence, WolfCop delivers a raucous yarn of comedy-horror with an action hero worthy of this hair-raising adventure.

Accent will be embarking on a national advertising campaign to support WolfCop that will include interviews with key cast and filmmakers, merchandise and cross-promotional events.