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Time travel thriller I'll Follow You Down out in September


Accent Film Entertainment has slated I'll Follow You Down for dual format release. The sci-fi-drama, which stars Haley Joel Osment, GillianAnderson and Rufus Sewell, will street on Blu-ray and DVD September 17.

Erol is a gifted teen who lives with his girlfriend and excels in science at university despite being noncommittal to his future. After all there's good reason for him to be more concerned with the past. As a child his father, Gabe, left on a business trip and never returned leaving his wife and Erol's mother, Marika, devastated. Erol's grandfather, a professor at the university, found a strange apparatus left behind by Gabe, and arrives at the conclusion that Gabe has found a way to time travel. Now alongside Erol, many years later, the pair have put their minds to the test: can they possibly locate Gabe and at what cost?

Director Richie Mehta shoots the film in 2.35:1 and puts the widescreen format to very good use. I'll Follow You Down premiered at the 2013 Fantasia Film Festival where it proved a hit, satisfying audiences with smart sci-fi and emotional drama.

"The movie succeeds because of its cast, but also because its core concept is so strong," raves Culture Crypt. "Weighing the benefits of accepting what cannot be changed versus an ideal only presumed to be preferable is presented as a relatable idea using science-fiction as a frame of entertainment. Ultimately, it is this unique approach to a traditional time travel dilemma that makes I'll Follow You Sown absorbing as a thoughtful thriller."