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Irreversible and 9 Songs coming to Blu-ray


Accent Film Entertainment will release two of its most provocative titles to Blu-ray for the first time June 25. Irreversible and 9 Songs, from acclaimed filmmakers Gaspar Noe (Enter the Void) and Michael Winterbottom (The Trip to Italy), arrive in deluxe slipcases and now add to Accent's growing Blu-ray catalogue which already includes Pusher and Q.

In 2002 Noe delivered to largely unsuspecting international audiences the overwhelming and audacious Irreversible, a revenge thriller told in reverse. Like some nightmare starting in the depths of hell the film features two of the most unforgettable sequences ever committed to film and also stars real life husband and wife Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci. An assault on the senses Irreversible is a stunning experience with its heightened visuals and sound design. "Noe's bruising film is too artfully crafted to write off as exploitation," noted Peter Travers in Rolling Stone. "To see it is to absorb it, even against your will."

9 Songs is altogether a different beast. Across a glacial vista of Antarctic wilderness a man remembers a lost summer. In London he meets her at the Brixton Academy. Soon he - a British scientist - and her - an American student - commence a torrid love affair built upon the precipice of that unholy trinity of sex, drugs and rock n roll.

9 Songs features performances from the Super Furry Animals, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Elbow, the Von Bondies, Primal Scream, Dandy Warhols, Franz Ferdinand and Michael Nyman.