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Gardner paves the way through The Battery


Jeremy Gardner's The Battery is set for release on DVD in Australia and New Zealand this week. The zombie film, out through Accent Film Entertainment, shot on a budget of around $US6000, has impressed Australian critics and received a four star review from Filmink.

"It was a very seat of our pants production," Gardner tells FilmInk about his debut feature. "I was terrified of asking people for money and then feeling like I had to get them that money back, so I asked 10 of my friends for $600 a piece because I knew they would still be my friends if they never saw that $600 dollars again."

Bryn Tilly in Cult Projections commends the charisma and chemistry of the lead actors Adam Cronheim and Gardner (who also writes and directs). "Solid performances, a backbone of comic blackness, and an unpretentious, but striking visual style keep The Battery from being struck out; it's the slacker flick for zombieheads."

Baseball plays a role in the set up with the two leads comprising a "battery" the collective noun for a pitcher and catcher on a team. Gardner elaborated on this theme when he spoke with Roger Smith. "I love baseball with my whole heart, but I always thought about the way the pitcher and the catcher work together, that dynamic is a really classic American dynamic. The pitcher is a more finesse worker while the catcher is more of a brute, so being able to build their characters around their position on the team and also the way the pitcher and catcher have to work together to get through the game."

Gardner explained to Simon Foster of Screen Space that the film was constructed around playing on the big screen but with a plan to avoid being too burdensome on the crew and investors."Out in those woods when it got dark it was like 'outer space' dark (laughs), pretty terrifying. We only shot one scene at night, when my character is drunk and dancing around in the old house, and when we wrapped you've never seen a crew pack up so fast (laughs)."

The Battery is out May 21.