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Cannibal Holocaust hitting Blu-ray


The controversial video nasty and long sought after transgressive docu-drama Cannibal Holocaust is hitting Blu-ray July 9. Siren Visual Entertainment will be releasing Ruggero Deodato's controversial film about a lost camera crew who have gone to the Amazon to document cannibal tribes. Real indigenous people mix with American and Italian actors in what would become one of the first films to pioneer the found footage genre so popular today.

Originally banned in Italy,where Deodato was charged with obscenity and alleged to have made a snuff film and later Australia, Cannibal Holocaust has attracted an audience of hardcore fans not put off by its depictions of sexual assault and fictional brutal violence.

The Blu-ray is likely to be the best version of the film available worldwide. The two-disc set features multiple versions (Regular and Cruelty Free), multiple audio commentaries, an alternate scene, swag of easter eggs and over a dozen interviews recounting the dangerous shoot, the ongoing controversy and the reception of the film.

In other news Siren has also acquired the Italian animated series La Linea, a hit on the ABC during the '80s. It features a loud mouthed character whose travels are spontaneously affected by the pencil of the animator (cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli) who controls his immediate destiny. La Linea will be available as a multi-disc set in August.