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Kiss Kiss Fang Fang


Monster Pictures will be bringing Xan Cassavetes' Kiss of the Damned to DVD and Blu-ray May 21. Fangoria called the Euro-inspired trash-horror-melodrama "dazzling, with dangerous swirling eroticism." Like something inspired by the cult films of Jess Franco Kiss of the Damned hinges on the spark ignited between Djuna, a beautiful vampire who resides in a country manor and screenwriter Paolo, a handsome human she tries to resist but can't help falling for. When Mimi, the estranged sister of Djuna, arrives in town leaving a trail of bodies in her wake, the entire vampire community is threatened and Djuna's relationship is endangered.

"Smart, stylish and very sexy" FearNet dubs it, Kiss of the Damned has been officially selected at several high profile film festivals; among them South by Southwest, Venice, BFI London and Stockholm. The film will also close Monster Fest Melbourne, Monster Fest Perth and Monster Fest Canberra. Director Xan Cassavetes is the daughter of the legendary Hollywood maverick filmmaker and actor John Cassavetes.