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Archive for April 2014

Archive for April 2014

Cannibal Holocaust hitting Blu-ray +


The controversial video nasty and long sought after transgressive docu-drama Cannibal Holocaust is hitting Blu-ray July 9. Siren Visual Entertainment will be releasing Ruggero Deodato's controversial film about a lost camera crew who have gone to the Amazon to document cannibal tribes. Real indigenous people mix with American and Italian ... more

Kiss Kiss Fang Fang +


Monster Pictures will be bringing Xan Cassavetes' Kiss of the Damned to DVD and Blu-ray May 21. Fangoria called the Euro-inspired trash-horror-melodrama "dazzling, with dangerous swirling eroticism." Like something inspired by the cult films of Jess Franco Kiss of the Damned hinges on the spark ignited between Djuna, a beautiful ... more