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The Battery goes extra innings during the end of days


Somewhere on the outskirts of New England, minor league ball players scavenge and hunt, the last known survivors of what looks like a zombie apocalypse. In the Battery, released through Accent Film Entertainment in glorious widescreen, two bickering buddies attempt to overcome the end of the world but first they must put up with each other. Written, directed and starring Jeremy Gardner, The Battery is a highly original low-budget independent take on the zombie genre, featuring a superb soundtrack, stunning cinematography and a couple buddies just sick to death of each other.

Starved for contact they do their best to kill both the time and the odd undead wayfarer that happens their way. But it's no barricade party, either. Co-existing like a married couple they bicker about what to do next, argue over their contrasting attitudes to crisis and confront the chance that they might be the only two people left in existence. Then Mickey finds a pair of walkie-talkies and makes contact with a mysterious woman, at what he envisions is a thriving community.

Part character study and elegiac road movie traversing the haunted back roads of New England, The Battery, as it builds to an unpredictable third act, explores with humour, the notions of life expectancy, partnership, how we maintain our humanity and what it means to be alone. "With all the brain dead screenplays out there for films large and small, who focus too often on splatter or genre navel gazing," Twitch magazine raves, "it is refreshing to find a film that made me really care for these two slackers."

Jeremy Gardner has agreed to make himself available for interviews to publicise The Battery ahead of its release May 21.