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Enter the Sandman


Siren Visual Entertainment has announced the recent acquisition of the music documentary Cure for Pain. The March release surveys the short life and times of Mark Sandman, whose innovative group Morphine, entered the guitar heavy and heavily youth orienated grungy '90s with a unique sound of elegaic after hours moods and Beat poetry.

The extremely private Sandman defined himself as a talented songwriter whose insecurities in regard to achieving fame well into his 40s is explored in the film through the testimony of close friends, colleagues and family. Tragically, he was set to get married before mysteriously dropping dead on stage in front of a couple of thousand people while on tour in Italy. Sandman's two younger brothers had both died at a young age which only further compounds the misfortune for his family, whose presence and contributions remain strong throughtout Cure for Pain.

The innovation and atmosphere crucial to Morphine is also celebrated. Given the alternative and formulaic glut of music dominating the '90s, Sandman's band delivered a timeless sound - a sound that elided electric guitars, featured a two-string bass, saxophone and drums and created nocturnes like "I'm Free Now," "Candy", "Honey White," and "The Night", moods all, soaked in noir atmosphere.

A fascinating document of how bands were presented to the public in a pre-internet world, Cure for Pain provides context for a band many remember fondly and offers others, new to the music, a doorway to discover a group whose newly reissued albums have been long overdue.