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Accent releases contemporary classics on Blu-ray


Pusher and Q, two of Accent Film Entertainment's best sellers, are getting the Blu-ray treatment this November as exclusives for JB Hi-Fi. Available in slipcases both titles will be collectors items for fans of high octane and envelope pushing international cinema. Pusher details the hedonistic and fatalistic ride of Frank (Kim Bodnia) a middling dope dealer up to his eyeballs in debt and with ruthless loan sharks closing in he's left with a frenetic day to come up with an unmanageable financial deficit across the neon blur of Copenhagen. The debut feature of Danish wunderkind Nicolas Winding Refn whose recent Hollywood action films Drive and Only God Forgives have stunned critics and audiences, Pusher serves as a pulsating reminder of where it all began. Just as the hopped up characters threaten to careen out of control Refn is in command of this kinetic experience each hurried step of the way.

Set in a French seaside port with reminders of the crumbling economy ever prevalent, Q explores the disparate lives of several characters whose sexuality and promiscuity belies deeper emotional and psychological issues in a world they long to be free from. It's frank depiction of sex and identity struggles has garnered it fans across the globe This erotic drama has never looked better.

Both titles will be released November 20.