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Exclusive to Eagle Entertainment and distributed to retail through Gryphon Entertainment is the Monsterama Collection. The new brand will appeal to fans of low budget horror and comic-monster movies. Secluded locations, reclusive villains and delirious victims will define this fun frenzy of special effects, screaming babes and supernatural monsters.

The collection kicked off in April with Jurassic Attack and was followed in May with Piranhaconda, a terrifying hybrid monster that hatches soon after a scientist discovers a giant egg in a rainforest and then tries to exploit if for a fortune. Sucker, follows an unlikely superhero who is turned into a mosquito-like avenger. It received a release across Blu-ray and DVD in August. The Axe Giant is a bloody and brutal siege film that involves the mythic titular character and a small town he terrorises. Amphibious, which will be made available in 3D, will also get the royal treatment on Blu-ray in October.

The Axe Giant is released September 18.