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Polisse continues acclaimed run theatrically


Polisse, written, directed and starring Maiwenn, as an undercover journalist working with a Parisian police unit that specialises in cases of child abuse, continues to garner acclaim from critics. Released through Curious Film, who has also brought Winter's Bone and Red State to the attention of national audiences, Polisse is a gritty, uncompromising and sometimes bleak procedural. Winner of the Best Screenplay award at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, Polisse, according to Andrew Lee in Cinephilia "is excellent filmmaking that takes a difficult subject and infuses it with life and, occasionally, even hope." Leigh Paatsch in the Herald-Sun describes it as a "French crime drama with a real, damaging difference." "Polisse has a terrific cast. It is a tough, yet sympathetic group portrait," notes Philippa Hawker in The Age, "that never feels sentimental or idealising."