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Do Not Disturb: Innkeepers available on Blu-ray


Ti West's acclaimed independent thriller The Innkeepers which streets August 23 will be released across multiple platforms. It marks the first title from Accent Film Entertainment to be launched on Blu-ray. One of the most acclaimed genre films of 2012, The Innkeepers confirms the talents of independent West, who creates an intimate ghost story of mounting dread and atmospheric restraint. For slacker desk clerks Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy), it's business as usual at the historic Yankee Pedlar Inn. Aside from tending to the few remaining guests and prepping the place for imminent closure, the erstwhile employees have sexual tension to work through and paranormal activities to explore. It is said that a jilted young bride suicided on her wedding night nearly a century ago, the body buried in the basement to avoid scandal.
Lauded by critics as the year's most outstanding thriller, The Innkeepers has garnered both and acclaim and awards. Sam Adams writing in Philadelphia City Paper describes it as "a slow-burning creeper that pays off in spades." Simon Foster at SBS Film observes the "charms of leading lady Sara Paxton and the considerable genre chops of filmmaker Ti West make for a winning formula in the old-school haunted hotel fun ride."

Ti West will be participating in interviews with select Australian media. The DVD and Blu-ray will both retail for $29.95.