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A sexually transmitted disease causes havoc in new gory thriller +


Monster Pictures is bringing to Blu-ray the new thriller Night of Something Strange. Directed by Jonathan Straiton it will be available May 24. UK Horror Scene calls it “a shocking movie that is full-on, in your face, and legitimately disgusting at times and that is why it is so good.” Rogue ... more

The highly acclaimed Aquarius arrives on DVD +


Hailed by critics and nominated for the prestigious Palme d'or at the Cannes Film Festival Aquarius from Brazilian writer-director Kleber Mendonça Filho will receive a DVD release from Rialto Pictures. Having enjoyed a national theatrical release in select cinemas the drama about a 65 year old retired music critic is ... more

New comedy promises fun for fans of massacres and puppies +


A dual winner at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, the Sheborg Massacre from writer-director Daniel Armstrong will release April 20. Monster Pictures debuts the action comedy on DVD. An alien fugitive crash lands into a local puppy farm. Locals are soon transformed into mutated robot-like killing machines with a taste for ... more

Docu-drama Notes on Blindness provides a powerful experience +


Rialto Films have acquired Notes on Blindness for release in Australia and New Zealand. It will receive a DVD release April 19. Boasting a healthy metascore of 75, the docu-drama from director-producer team of Pete Middleton and James Spinney tells the incredible true story of theologian John Hull. Just days before ... more

Bojack Horseman coming to Blu-ray +


Siren Visual will release the popular adult animated comedy Bojack Horseman on April 19. Season 1 will receive a dual format release on Blu-ray and DVD. A washed up former celebrity sitcom horse and star of the TV show “Horsin' Around” is a forgotten Hollywood resident and curmudgeon with a fondness ... more

Philippe Garrel gets a long overdue release in Australia +


Potential Films presents In the Shadow of Women. The drama by acclaimed French director Philippe Garrel will be out on DVD March 22. A married couple who make low-budget documentaries, and split directing and editing duties, are working on a project about the French Resistance. Their names are Pierre (Stanislas Merhar) ... more

The Greasy Strangler contender for weirdest movie ever +


There's not a lot that can prepare audiences for this strange whatzit indie comedy. Do know it has a pedigree not to be sneezed at. The Greasy Strangler took Sundance by storm where it premiered to rave reviews last year. It has gone on to wow audiences at film festivals ... more

Operation Avalanche is a triumph of cold war lunar lunacy +


Rialto Films is releasing Operation Avalanche, the new comedy from director Matt Johnson. The film will be out on DVD March 22. “A cold war comedy thriller,” raves the New York Times, “pulsing with paranoia.” It's 1967 and four Ivy League movie buffs are recruited by the CIA to pose ... more

New splatter fest vampire comedy a must for fans of the genre +


Mitchell Altieri, one half of the Butcher Brothers, the low budget filmmaking team that brought visceral realism to horror festivals with such films as The Hamiltons, has struck out on his own with The Night Watchmen. The horror comedy about three inept security guards who are confronted by a horde ... more

With great power comes drunkeness in American Hero +


Eagle Entertainment will release American Hero starring Stephen Dorff on DVD and Blu-ray. The comedy will be available to buy and rent from February 15. Melvin (Dorff) is a drunk, deadbeat dad blessed with telekinetic powers he has been supressing for years with booze, drugs and loose women. Although he has ... more

Sundance smoky Trash Fire puts the comedy into black +


“Smartly acted and cut like a razor, Trash Fire keeps overturning expectations left and right,” hails Jeremy Kibler in leading international genre journal Diabolique Magazine. Bounty Films will release the Trash Fire on DVD. The black comedy starring Adrian Grenier (Entourage) is out February 15. Directed by Richard Bates Jr, Trash ... more

Bold new musical announces stunning filmmaker +


Vendetta Films will release Bang Bang Baby on February 15. The film which has been described as a sci-fi musical will be made available on DVD. Jane Levy (from Don't Breathe) is cast as Stepphy. She lives in a sleepy 1960s town with her alcoholic father. Stepphy dreams of escaping ... more

Explosive Tex-Mex crime thriller on the way early 2017 +


A film that grapples with real topical issues along the U.S.-Mexican border, The Hollow Point engages with modern geo-politics, immigration and the war-on-drugs while providing an explosive new entry into the crime genre. Eagle Entertainment will release Gonzalo Lopez-Gallega's feature film on Blu-ray and DVD January 4, 2017. A botched ... more

Touched with Fire offers a moving take on a love affair +


Executive produced by Spike Lee, Touched with Fire, is a unique love story concerning two poets with bipolar disorder who meet in a treatment facility, their chemistry together instant. Vendetta Films is releasing the drama on DVD December 7. Starring Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby, this dramatic feature from first time ... more

Cutting edge drama highlights the ills of teen social media +


Accent Film will release Amateur Teens, a hit at the Zurich Film Festival, where it was in competition and took home the audience award. Niklaus Hilber's drama will be made available on DVD December 7. An ensemble piece, Amateur Teens explores the social and romantic tensions of a diverse group of ... more

The charming Dough gets high on its own supply  +


Rialto Entertainment is releasing Dough, a British comedy-drama. Available on DVD the feel good film tells the story of an old Jewish baker struggling to keep his business afloat until his young Muslim apprentice drops cannabis into the dough and sends sales sky high. Dough is out December 7. Directed by ... more

Tense small town thriller Heatwave on the way +


French drama Heatwave will receive a release from Potential Films. Directed by Raphael Jacqulot the acclaimed and highly atmospheric thriller is out on DVD December 23. Inspired by real events, Heatwave takes place in a quiet French hamlet whose surface tranquillity is disrupted by Josef Bousou, the son of a family ... more

A new comedy strips back our humanity on October 19 +


Aaaaaaaa!, the original new film from Steve Oram is part comedy and other parts avant garde. It gets a DVD release courtesy of Monster Pictures on October 19 after a short run at Lido Cinemas in Melbourne. Ever imagined what life would be like if humans were apes in modern ... more

All Through the House set to scare this Christmas +


Writer-director Todd Nunes shows off his chops on the new horror-thriller All Through the House. It will be released through Monster Pictures on Blu-ray and DVD November 23 – just in time for Christmas. The premise sees a deranged killer, costumed as Santa, leaving behind a bloody trail in a ... more

Alison Brie stars as guy magnet in new fantasy comedy +


No Stranger Than Love, a new film released through Eagle Entertainment will get a DVD release October 10. Starring Alison Brie, Justin Chatwin and Colin Hanks, the quirky fantasy-comedy directed Nick Wernham comes from a screenplay by Steve Adams. Art teacher Lucy Sherrington (Brie from the popular TV show Community) ... more

Drifter brings Mad Max intensity to small town horror siege +


Accent Film will release the cannibal holocaust horror Drifter. Chris Von Hoffman's film will be made available on DVD October 19. Two outlaw brothers on the run hole up in an outpost on the edge of a wasteland. There's something amiss with the desolate community. Soon they realise it is ... more

Dramatic biopic explores the life of Pope Francis +


Francisco: The Man Behind the Pope is a true life drama of the rise to ascendancy of Pope Francis. Vendetta Films is releasing the film on DVD September 21. As a teenager growing up in Buenos Aires Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Dario Grandinetti) is unaware that his religious calling would one day ... more

Cannes hit Psycho Raman looks at a killer in the slums +


Inspired by an infamous serial killer who admitted to murdering 41 people in Mumbai during the 1960s, Psycho Raman provides a modern day cat-and-mouse angle to its dramatization of the events that surround the deranged Raman Raghav. Monster Pictures is releasing the film on DVD September 21. Raman is a destitute ... more

Terrence Malick produced The Vessel on the way +


Master filmmaker Terrence Malick, the director behind The Thin Red Line and Tree of Life has recently turned to producing films such as The Better Angels in which his long time editor A.J. Edwards was at the helm of the production. The Vessel, also produced by Malick is directed by ... more

Alienated lives collide in searing Anesthesia +


An official selection at the Tribeca International Film Festival, Anesthesia tells the intersecting stories of a group of individuals after a violent mugging at Columbia University. Vendetta Films will release the film Real Movie News describes as “made with sincerity and heart” on DVD October 17. A snowy New York City ... more

Creepy anthology film Holidays challenges folklore +


Holidays, an anthology film of shorts from leading genre and horror filmmakers, is out on Blu-ray and DVD August 17. Rialto Entertainment will release the title ahead of Father's Day and Halloween. Speaking of which... Taking its cues from the iconic holidays many of us now organise our social lives around ... more

Sci-fi thriller Kill Command delivers intense futuristic shoot em up +


Eagle Entertainment is releasing the sci-fi action thriller Kill Command. The film will be out on DVD September 7. “The performances are cool,” writes Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian, “and the plot's a blast.” In the dystopian future where Artificial Intelligence rules a society now almost solely reliant on technology man ... more

Lost in the Sun brings crime to an emotional road trip  +


Lost in the Sun, a road movie about a hardened criminal and an orphaned teenage boy, will receive a DVD release through Eagle Entertainment. Look for it August 24. Drawing comparisons to Clint Eastwood's A Perfect World and the more recent Aaron Paul vehicle Hellion, Lost in the Sun explores the ... more

Guns for Hire is a brooding crime caper with a twist +


Eagle Entertainment will be releasing Guns For Hire on DVD. The crime-comedy starring Ben Mendelsohn, Orlando Jones, Michelle Hicks and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is out August 24. Beatle (Hicks) is a moody loner who refuses to obey the social rules and laws. Her business cards read “Towing/Assassination”. She's even made a ... more

Cat Sick Blues a bleak horror comedy for our times +


Cat Sick Blues will be made available on DVD September 21. Monster Pictures is releasing the horror-comedy from director Dave Jackson. The cast includes Matthew C. Vaughan, Shian Denovan, Rachel Rai and Hwee Hall. The plot concerns Ted (Vaughn) who suffers a breakdown after the recent death of his cat. ... more

1974 grindhouse jewel resurfaces after 32 years +


Ex Film is pleased to announce the release of Act of Vengeance. The rape-revenge exploitation classic is out on DVD and a limited edition VHS pack. The DVD will be available July 20. One of the rarest titles in the Palace Explosive Videos range, this notorious grindhouse thriller from 1974 makes ... more

Slumlord surveillance thriller will send slivers down your spine +


Accent Film is pleased to announce the release of the surveillance thriller Slumlord. The feature film from director Victor Zarcoff, his first, will be out on DVD and VOD August 17. Newlyweds Ryan (PJ McCabe) and heavily pregnant Claire (Brienne Moncrief) move into a big rental house in an affluent area ... more

Daring mystery retells haunting true life tale +


Glass Doll Films will release Jeppe Ronde's 2015 Tribecca Film Festival winner Bridgend. The haunting award winning drama will be released on DVD August 17. An uncompromising chronicle of a real life event in Wales, Bridgend highlights a generational schism between teenagers and their parents through the eyes of Sara ... more

AmStarDam provides the setting for a wild comedy +


New British comedy AmStarDam will be available July 20. Vendetta Films will release the debut feature from sibling directors Lee and Wayne Lennox on DVD. The stoner comedy combines magic-realism with '80s sensibilities. The Amsterdam adventure is premised on Jack (Jonathan Readwin), who arrives in the Netherlands capital to find his ... more

Provocative black comedy Roommate Wanted out in July +


Misery seeks company. So goes the tagline for the new situational black comedy Roommate Wanted, a Blu-ray and DVD release available July 20 from Mandala Films. Janie (Alex Vega from Spy Kids) and Dee (Spencer Grammer) share an apartment. They don't share a lot else in common aside from a ... more

Feature Films brings sci-fi Listening and Western Religion to July +


Best friends David (Thomas Stroppel) and Ryan (Artie Ahr) are desperately broke Caltech grad students working away in a garage full of stolen computer equipment developing a machine designed to harness the inner thoughts of the human mind. Despite imminent foreclosure and eviction on their homes they are dedicated ... more

The weird and wild story of Eadweard Muybridge comes to life +


Feature Films will release the biopic Eadweard on DVD June 22. Directed by Canadian Kyle Rideout, who debuts with his first feature, the film dramatises the life and early fame of turn-of-the-century photographer Eadweard Muybridge, more commonly acknowledged as the man who discovered motion capture photography. Michael Eklund (Watchmen) stars as ... more

Son of a gun delivers goods in Mercury Plains +


Writer-director Charles Burmeister delivers Mercury Plains, an action vehicle for Scott Eastwood (son of Clint) who plays an American tourist stranded in Mexico. Eagle Entertainment will release it on DVD June 22. Leaving his dead-end life in a go-nowhere town in Texas behind, Mitch (Eastwood) runs off south of the border ... more

Emily VanCamp delivers in impressive drama +


The Girl in the Book, out through Vendetta Films, will receive a DVD release June 22. The film, from writer-director Marya Cohn, who makes her feature film debut, is set around the New York literary world and stars Emily VanCamp (TV's Revenge) in a breakout performance. Alice Harvey (VanCamp) is ... more

New adventures in action on the way +


Bounty Films in association with Gryphon Entertainment will release the explosive action drama Contract Killers. The film will receive a DVD release on May 18. Directed by Matthew John Pearson, Contract Killers, an ode to John Woo, is a highly effective low budget film from New Zealand. The plot, in which ... more

Psychological character study Queen of Earth out in May +


Accent Film is releasing the latest work from acclaimed director Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up Philip). Queen of Earth, an enigmatic two-hander with psychological thriller undertones about former childhood friends who retreat to a lake house together, represents a bold change-up for the filmmaker. It will be available on DVD ... more

Toni Collette delivers tour de force in Glassland +


Eagle Entertainment is releasing the powerful British drama Glassland. The film is out this month on DVD April 20. It features Jay Reynor who is cast as John, a night shift taxi driver that lives in a public housing area with his alcoholic mother played by Toni Collette in a ... more

A Faster Horse explores the history of the Ford Mustang +


Gryphon Entertainment is releasing the documentary A Faster Horse. The film directed by David Gelb was commissioned in 2014 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. It will be released on DVD May 18. Mustang maintains a place in the public imagination for many reasons. Gelb wanted to explore ... more

Cop drama Hyena is no laughing matter  +


Eagle Entertainment will release the British crime saga Hyena on Blu-ray and DVD. The film directed by Gerard Johnson will be released May 18. "Johnson has crafted a taut and nightmarish descent into hell," writes Adam Lowes in Cinevue. Here's why: Peter Ferdinando is cast as Michael an undercover cop ... more

Experimenter brings irony and innovation to biography +


Rialto Distribution is releasing the critically acclaimed Experimenter starring Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder. The biopic from visionary director Michael Almereyda takes a cool look at the works of social scientist Stanley Milgram with particular focus on his controversial study of human obedience as a reaction to the moral conundrum ... more

Single location psychological thriller Body brings the intensity  +


Body, a thriller directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, is out on Blu-ray and DVD April 20. The independent film from Monster Pictures features newcomers Helen Rogers, Alexandra Turshen and Lauren Molina as best friends who take off the night before Christmas to stay in a mansion owned by ... more

Long awaited sequel to Rise of the Footsoldier out this May +


A sequel to the home entertainment smash hit Rise of the Footsoldier will be released May 18. Rise of the Footsoldier Part II, written and directed by Ricci Harnett, will be available on Blu-ray and DVD through Feature Films. The year is 1997. It's two years after the events of ... more

Iggy Pop stars in crime caper Blood Orange +


Written and directed by Todd Tobias, Blood Orange tells a tale of jealousy and revenge. Eagle Entertainment will release the film on DVD April 20. Set in Southern Spain Blood Orange locates ageing rock star Bill (Iggy Pop) and his gorgeous much younger unfaithful wife Isabelle (Kacey Clarke) leading an idyllic ... more

Wildlike performances match the stunning locales in smart adventure +


Wildlike an adventure drama from writer-director Frank Hall Green, making his feature length debut, will be out on DVD April 20. Selena Chong Movies will handle it on digital and DVD. Starring newcomer Brit Ella Purnell as a troubled teen runaway Mackenzie and Bruce Greenwood as the lonely wayfarer she meets ... more

The chilling Goodnight Mommy on the way in April +


It scared audiences across the international film festival circuit. Now Goodnight Mommy, the Austrian thriller of familial estrangement and chilling deportment, is set for DVD release. Accent Film will make it available through Gryphon Entertainment on April 20. The acclaimed film from directors Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz is icy ... more