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Gryphon Entertainment provides a unique sales and distribution model for labels in the Australian home entertainment industry. Committed sales support coupled with an onsite warehouse ensures Gryphon cultivates and expands the profiles of its acclaimed content partners across both retail and rental channels. Founded in 2005 and now representing over a dozen companies with a diverse array of content, Gryphon Entertainment has in under a decade increased the reach of independent films, filmmakers and licensors by redefining what is possible through dedicated independent distribution.

Our Labels

21st Century Pictures Analogue Bounty Films Big Sky
Curious Eagle Kojo Pictures Mandala Films
Monster Ex Films Siren Titam View
VM Distribution Xelon Entertainment Feature Films Glass Doll
Potential Rialto Vendetta Films


Contact Details

P   +61 3 8671 0222
F   +61 3 8671 0299

8 Steane St, Fairfield,
VIC, Australia, 3078